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Doing business in Turkey: a long-term commitment

24 Dec 2013
Door: Marc Guillet

Don’t be distracted by the fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Turkish Lira or by daily news items in the Turkish media. Look at the fundamentals of the dynamic and fast growing.. Read more »

Hubris and sectarian Syria policy pose a threat to Turkey

30 Sep 2013
Door: Marc Guillet

Blog on: Speaker’s Corner A tidal wave of social and political change is transforming the Middle East. Autocratic regimes that came to power in the aftermath of the First World War and at.. Read more »

Me as an assistant in a Turkish kitchen

5 Jan 2009
Door: Marc Guillet

It is 7.30 AM. It is still quiet in the streets of Istanbul. In the kitchen of Yildiz Köfte, a neighborhood restaurant, Ali usta is busy already. He’s putting the finishing touch on.. Read more »

From friend to foe: Fethullah Gülen

Turkey votes for stability

PKK and AKP aligned in Turkish election campaign against leftist Kurds

From bush engineer to managing director