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‘Crash course on American Football’

9 Dec 2011
Door: Marc Guillet

in: Global Connection Travelling abroad has always been an important part of his professional life. Emmanuel Buyse (29) worked for 3,5 years from the office of Accenture in Brussels. But most of the.. Read more »

Commercial real estate market in Turkey is still attractive

14 Jun 2011
Door: Marc Guillet

Istanbul – In the modern and central located Maslak and Levent business districts of Istanbul, with high rise office apartment buildings of 50 floors and higher, construction workers are busy. The noise of.. Read more »

Turkish tea man: ‘ I’m proud of the rich families in Turkey’

14 Dec 2010
Door: Marc Guillet

Idris Ayyildiz (53) sells apples, strawberries and oranges on his cart in the streets of Kumkapi, a former Armenian neighborhood on the periphery of Istanbul. Now poor Kurdish families live here with a.. Read more »

‘Nabucco project is in danger because of the Georgia crisis’

14 Oct 2010
Door: Marc Guillet

The Georgia crisis was bad news for the EU’s Nabucco pipeline project. The initiative could become a victim of the power struggle between Russia and the West, but it is not dead yet... Read more »

Turkey #1 as fastest growing Facebook market in Europe

14 Jul 2010
Door: Marc Guillet

Computer use had a slow start in Turkey but the number of users is growing fast now. Social networking has an even higher growth rate. In January 2010 Turkey ranked number 1 in.. Read more »

‘We need foreign companies to invest in our energy sector.’

14 Jul 2008
Door: Marc Guillet

Demand for electricity in Turkey has increased rapidly, largely due to the fast growth of industry and population. The country’s thirst for electricity is growing by 8% a year. This presents a problem,.. Read more »

From friend to foe: Fethullah Gülen

Turkey votes for stability

PKK and AKP aligned in Turkish election campaign against leftist Kurds

From bush engineer to managing director